Food Donation Program


We are committed to making nutrient dense, sustainably grown food abundant in our regional food system while making it accessible to all people. Join us in helping to deliver our meats & eggs to folks that can't afford it. 

Your donation buys a share of our regeneratively raised meat that we deliver for free to local food aid organizations.

This program helps us grow our movement, steward more land, and feed more people with the most nutritious food around. 

Because we don't have to market this food, and don't have to deliver it the last mile, we're able to distribute this food for well under our retail price.  OP.


For example: 

- $10 secures  2 lbs of chicken drumsticks

- $25 secures 1 whole chicken & 1 lb of pork chops

- $50 secures 3 whole chickens

- $100 secures 13 lbs of ground beef

- $500 secures 30 lbs of ground beef, 10 whole chickens, and 11 lbs of pork chops


Who do we work with?

- Chicago Love Fridge

- Chicago Food Sovereignty Coalition


Click Here To Add A Donation To Your Order

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