99 Counties is proud to offer convenient home delivery to physical addresses across Iowa and Greater Chicago. Additional information may be found below.


Deliveries occur between the hours of 7am and 7pm CST, Monday-Friday, with Saturday deliveries as needed.

Orders received by midnight CST on Sundays will be delivered the next week.

Orders received after midnight CST on Sundays will be delivered the week after next.


Exact delivery dates will be communicated via email on the Monday of your delivery week. If a conflict prevents you from receiving your delivery as scheduled, please contact customer service within 24 hours of receiving your delivery date email.

Delivery notifications are also sent via SMS text messaging the day before your scheduled delivery, the morning of your scheduled delivery, and after your order has been delivered. Each notification contains a tracking link with your delivery status, estimated time of delivery, and picture of your delivered order once delivery is complete. You will have the option to opt out of these notifications by replying STOP.

We will make every effort to deliver your order as scheduled. That said, in relying on our own small fleet of delivery drivers and vehicles, we acknowledge the possibility of delays due to inclement weather, mechanical failure, staffing shortage, etc. In the event a delay materially impacts our schedule, changes will be communicated by email as soon as possible. 

Doorstep Delivery:

All orders are hand delivered by 99 Counties staff to ensure that you have a seamless and reliable delivery. There is no need for you to be present to receive your order, but we recommend that you either cook or refrigerate the contents of your order within 8 hours after delivery.   

Your order will be delivered frozen, packed in an insulated tote bag that will keep your order cold after delivery if you are not present to receive it immediately. 

If you have a cooler large enough to accommodate your order we recommend that you leave it outside your front door and we will put to contents of your order inside. 

    Tote Bags:

    Our insulated tote bags are reusable. As are the insulation strips we place inside of them. We kindly ask that you return these bags during your next scheduled delivery. Simply leave them on your doorstep if you won’t be home for our driver to collect. It’s that easy!

    Packaging & Disposal

    It is important to us that our company operates under the same principles of sustainability that our partnering farms employ on their agricultural ecosystems. In an effort to deliver your order with as little environmental impact as possible, we keep packaging to a minimum.

    The vacuum-sealed packages surrounding our meat are essential for food safety and quality assurance purposes. The plastic used in this quality seal is BPA, BHA, and PFAS free.

    You will find a full description of the recyclability of our packaging below:

    1. Insulation strips are reusable by not recyclable. We kindly ask that you return this insulation along with your tote.
    2. The vacuum-sealed plastic surrounding your meat is not recyclable and should be disposed of in the trash.

    We are actively seeking recyclable or biodegradable alternatives to our plastic meat packaging. Please feel free to contact customer service if you have any recommendations!

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