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the very best from your local farmers

By supporting us, you can help transition away from extractive farming practices and promote sustainable land management across our region's farmland. Together, we can make a positive impact on our food system and the environment. Learn more

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Good Food
Grown For the Right Reasons

Better for the planet

Biodiverse agricultural ecosystems support a healthier planet through reduce waste, restore soil, lower CO2 emissions.

Better For Local Farmers

Fair prices and value-added partnership support farmer independence, making America's heartland more vibrant.

Better for your health

Research shows regenerative farming results in more nutrient-dense food. Healthier animals make for healthier meat, makes for healthier people. It's that simple.

better for local community

Not only does delivering within a day's drive of our farmers enable us to provide the best meat possible, it enables you to connect to your food producing neighbors.
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from our farms to your table

We connect you to the best, independent regenerative farmers in Iowa through our easy to use and reliable delivery service. All orders are delivered using insulated tote bags that can be returned to us at the time of your next delivery!

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What They're Saying
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing healthy meat I can feel good about feeding my family."

— Joey G.

"A rare combination of the highest quality product, convenience and affordability. Everything I've purchased has been excellent. I challenge you to find a better steak."

— Sunil D.

"Customer service is excellent, products are outstanding, and now home delivery! Oh, the pasture raised, clean products they offer. Doesn't get better than that!"

— Barbara D.

"The best meat ever!!!! Just made burgers from the ground beef and OMG!!!!! We will definitely be lifetime customers!! The care that you give your animals is obvious and we are thankful we found you!!!! 5 Stars!!!

— Michele K.


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