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Our Mission

To change our relationship with farming and food by connecting local consumers with the highest-quality, locally grown meat.

Our Vision

We are a regional food systems leader known for improving land, animal, and human health through regenerative agriculture.

Our farms for your family

99 Counties is a whole animal brand connecting consumers to local family farms. Through fair pricing, supply chain coordination, marketing, and delivery, we enable farmers to reclaim their independence, focusing on farming in a way that’s better for land, animals, people, and the planet.

"We believe that regenerative agriculture holds the key to solving many of the problems we face today. By supporting farmers to transition to regenerative agriculture we're combatting climate change, while rebuilding farm town communities and providing families with high-quality food."
Nick Wallace
Co-Founder & Chief Farmer

What makes us different?

With 99 Counties you’ll enjoy the Midwest's best regenerative meat and the peace of mind that comes with a direct, transparent, and trusted supply.


"With good food, everyday meals can be just as special as an occasion. That's something we value as a family -- to eat well and to eat together. I hope we can provide nourishment for other families that are enjoying meals together." - Maren Beard

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The People Behind Your Plate
Our meat is traceable to 20 family farmers and 5 partner processors across Iowa and Minnesota. These hardworking artisans are the folks who (along with you!) make 99 Counties possible. We can't wait to introduce you!

Bio Coming Soon!

Bob & Robby Jewell, Jewell Enterprizes

Bio Coming Soon!

Tom & Maren Beard, Luna Family Farm

Bio Coming Soon!

Jude Becker, Becker Lane Organic

Bio Coming Soon!

Nick Wallace, Wallace Family Farm

99 Counties membership
With a 99 Counties membership, you'll enjoy the Midwest's best regenerative meat, served with a delicious side of special benefits.

Lower pricing

Save 20% on every piece of meat you purchase.

Free Delivery

Receive free delivery on orders of $75 or more.

Priority Access
Enjoy priority access to seasonal sales, promotions, & more.

More to Come
Be the first to know when new member benefits launch.

What They’re Saying
"The quality of the meat is superb. I'm no adherent to any particular diet, but I do practice buying foods from locally sourced, family owned farms. Every cut of beef and piece of chicken I have bought has been fantastic."

— J.C.

"The best meat ever!!!! Just made burgers from the ground beef and OMG!!!!! We will definitely be lifetime customers!! The care that you give your animals is obvious and we are thankful we found you!!!! 5 Stars!!!

— Michele K.

"Fantastic meat, sustainably raised. Their grass-fed steaks are the best I've tasted. And it's local!"

— Lisa S.

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