Our Story

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To change our relationship with farming and food by connecting local consumers with the highest-quality, locally grown meat.

Who we are

99 Counties creates a resilient market and support system where local farmers practicing regenerative agriculture can grow as land stewards. With your help we aim to expand our reach to revitalize our ecosystem and contribute wholesome, nutrient dense food to our regional food economy.

Where we're headed

We want to see independent farmers thrive and prosper in our region and make regenerative farming a viable option for folks with a passion for sustainability, food production, and working with nature. One of the biggest struggles small farmers face is being able to compete with industrialized farming corporations. We aim to build a reliable alternative to the extractive and unethical nature of agriculture in the United States so farmers have the support they need to steward the land.

The People Behind Your Plate
Our meat is traceable to 20 family farmers and 5 partner processors across Iowa and Minnesota. These hardworking artisans are the folks who (along with you!) make 99 Counties possible. We can't wait to introduce you!

Bob & Robby Jewell, Jewell Enterprizes

Tom & Maren Beard, Luna Valley Farm

Jude Becker, Becker Lane Organic

Nick Wallace, Wallace Family Farm

What They’re Saying
"The quality of the meat is superb. I'm no adherent to any particular diet, but I do practice buying foods from locally sourced, family owned farms. Every cut of beef and piece of chicken I have bought has been fantastic."

— J.C.

"The best meat ever!!!! Just made burgers from the ground beef and OMG!!!!! We will definitely be lifetime customers!! The care that you give your animals is obvious and we are thankful we found you!!!! 5 Stars!!!

— Michele K.

"Fantastic meat, sustainably raised. Their grass-fed steaks are the best I've tasted. And it's local!"

— Lisa S.