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Past, Present and Future…A Healthy Iowa and a Healthy You

Written by Nick Wallace
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Published on Dec 30, 2022

I’m taking you way back on this one…well, as far back as the beautiful native tribes that once lived off this place we now call Iowa. How did they stay healthy, nourish themselves, and thrive on this land? Could you imagine sheltering this last storm in a teepee, no electricity, relying on stored wood? Move forward a bit in time and imagine the first European settlers. They had cold drafty cabins and relied on the same firewood, stored food and water. Bottomline…our ancestors were tough! I will make the argument that they relied on the land and nature to feed and heal their tribes and families. Their food was extremely nutrient-dense, meat from ruminant animals was rich in phytonutrients and the fats were prized and vital during those cold winter nights.

We find ourselves today far removed from what our ancestors may have hoped for. Cancer rates in Iowa are some of the worst, childhood autoimmune issues are on the rise (UIHC just built a skyscraper wing to deal with the increases of sick children, staggering amounts of cognitive decline in our elderly, declining fertility, and an obesity pandemic. I apologize for being negative here but we need to be honest with ourselves about the state of our health within the community. We were made with bodies and minds that always want to heal…we just have to remove the toxic habits and replace them with intentional health…focusing on mind, body, and spirit.

99 Counties can’t necessarily help you with the mind and spirit, but we sure can help you with the body. Traditionally, everyone comes into the new year thinking about healthier food habits. Some cut out sugar, some cut our bread, pastas, and flours, some give up booze. I’m not sure i know anybody who gives up meat. In fact, many know that moving towards a paleo diet leads to a clearer mind, less bloating and fatigue, and brings about more energy and a clearwater mind. High quality animal fats and protein are the essential building blocks to a healthier body. Feed the body, feed the mind, feed the mind, feed the spirit. We would be honored if you would let us help you with that. We’re looking for partners in 2023…help us help you and let’s make our Iowa ancestors proud again!

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